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Love and light

By March 6, 2022No Comments

I’ve been reflecting on the journey of writing Purple Snowflakes and Titty Wanks, performing it and working with a wonderful team of creative professionals that I had the pleasure of collaborating with. The play came from auto-ethnographical research using a ‘feminist lens’ – it arose from my MA in Acting at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2017. Setting ones own standards has been an important lesson on my journey as an artist. I feel the auto-ethnographic framework has been fully realised- Saoirse throws her shame back at the societal, cultural and political environment that she grew up in, Ireland and I’m really proud of that. A great book arrived in the post the day after we opened here in London ‘You Were Born to Speak So What’s Holding You Back?’ by Richard Newman – it became a great source of a ‘pre show ritual’. The show ended, as shows do, and I found the dream flat to rent by the sea in Folkestone, Kent. The windows are like something you’d see in a church and the lights are extravagant – both the moon views and the old chandelier though the carpets…. from the 1800’s- it has so much character! It overlooks the sea….. my dream. I go there next Friday and look forward to building my new home & work space. Trusting the journey and enjoying the universal gifts [that are meant to be] free for everyone… which I think was the crux of what Purple Snowflakes was all about.
I have three projects to be moulding, finishing, delivering and this business which is crying out to commission projects, produce and make work. Planning, planning and enjoying the freedom of a Sunday evening, my last one in this beautiful home in Pimlico – a two bed, small but it’s been a year and seven months with a dear friend.
I paid 95 pounds on books today- research, my favourite part of the process in some ways; getting lost in the books, lighting a dozen candles and enjoying the daffodils that have chosen to grace us- me, and the books! Solitude is calling, sea flat- here I come! And the daffodils, books and candles, of course.

Thinking of all suffering in the world this evening and sending love and candle light xx